Technology and Business Services

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The VP of Technology & Business Services is responsible for supporting the operational activities of the Chapter.  Specific duties of the position include:

Develops, implements and oversees a Record Management program that:

  • Defines what chapter documents should be retained, their retention period and storage location
  • Ensures Meeting minutes are taken and published within 5 business days of a meeting
  • Maintains written record of all resolutions and decisions by the board for a period not less than three years
  • Directs the preparation of the chapter’s Annual Report for distribution at the annual business meeting and posting in the document repository by coordinating submissions from other board members
  • Directs the preparation of PMI® Awards Applications for submission to PMI Global Operations Center (GOC)
  • Maintains documentation of chapter policies and procedures for the Chapter Operations Manual. Gets approval from the board on all policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates and develops the Chapter board/officer roster and sends notifications to PMI GOC to ensure that the Profile/Contacts on PMI GOC’s website are accurate
  • Maintain list of all sources for Chapter communication services (i.e. print, advertising, promotion, teleconference, web-site, etc.)

Develops, implements and oversees a Website & Email Administration function that:

  • Supports the improvement of Chapter administrative and other functions required by Chapter leadership
  • Includes website Configuration, Security, Folder & Document Management, Chapter / Leadership / Contact information, Sponsorship, Forum
  • Includes email Configuration and Mailing Lists 

Develops, implements and oversees an Operational Audit function that:

  • Performs Quarterly audits of the Chapter to ensure that all policies and procedures are being followed and report findings back to the Board. Provide support and mentoring to the chapter on policies and procedures as required.
  • Verifies compliance with Record Management program
  • Verifies Website security
  • Verifies accuracy and timeliness of Website and Newsletter content
  • Verifies professional nature of Website Forum’s content

Develops, implements and oversees a Vendor & 3rd Party Management program that:

  • Manages administration of outsourced activities
  • Manages Chapter leadership procurement for items such as business cards and name tags
  • Supports external auditors
  • Administers the Sponsorship policy and procedure, and adapts it to changing chapter needs
  • Defines guidelines for retention of vendor-related legal documents
  • Supports leadership in dealings with legal counsel

Develops, implements and oversees a Leadership Training & Development and Succession Planning program that:

  • Develops program for training & development of Board members and Directors
  • Champions usage of PMI Learn and the Component Services Toolkit
  • Coordinates development of Succession Plans by Board members

Develops, implements and oversees an Administration function Training & Development program that:

  • Provides guidance and mentoring to the Officers and Committee Volunteers reporting into the Administration function
  • Provides training for the VP, Directors and Committee members
  • Provides for a Succession Plan for the future VP, Technology & Business Services and all Director positions
  • Supports the timely and thorough turnover of Chapter records from incumbents to successors

Monitors changes in policies & procedures and the introduction of new chapter requirements by PMI GOC for all functions

Provides input to the Board by the end of June for the Chapter’s upcoming year budget and plan


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