Community Outreach


PMI stands by the principal that great project management is not limited to for-profit industries; it can just as easily be implemented in not-for-profit organizations with a community focus, and we at PMI Buffalo believe that since it can, it should! This is of particular importance to the WNY community. Community organizations and Non-Profits are a huge factor in Buffalo's increasing revitalization—as well as in ensuring no part of the community is left behind. Through these organizations, neighborhoods are revitalized, resources are made available, and public needs are met. Often it is through its non-for-profits that the inter-generational promise a community makes to its residents can be kept. 

How a Non-Profit is managed, and the skill with which individual projects are accomplished, will determine the level of impact of such organizations on the communities they serve. PMI Buffalo recognizes the great role it can take on in this area. Some initiatives we are dedicated to strengthening and reimagining in the coming year are the PM4NP (Project Management 4 Non Profit) program, and relationship building with community partners. 

Meet our Director of Community Outreach

Our director of Community Outreach, Tamera Knight, is currently a program director at Seneca Street Development, working with underserved young people; she was previously at Buffalo's East side non-profit makers-space The Foundry for several years, as the programs/volunteer coordinator. She has connections to many other community and student organizations in Western New York, and has a strong overarching view of the Buffalo, and WNY, Non-Profit community. 

If you are interested in learning more about how PMI Buffalo can strengthen the your community organization/non-profit, please email Tamera at