Allison Fazzalaro

VP, Marketing & Communications

Nick Zielinski

VP, Professional Development

Bill Reese

VP, Technology & Business Services

Navaid Jamal

VP, Certification Training

Dan Augustynek


Thank you to everyone who participated in our chapter’s election!


We are pleased to announce that the following individuals will be stepping up to lead our chapter during the 2023-2024 term:

VP Marketing & Communication – Allison Fazzalaro

VP Professional Development – Nick Zielinski

VP Technology & Business Services - Bill Reese

VP Certification Training – Navaid Jamal

Trustee – Dan Augustynek


Note: The below individuals are continuing on in their 2022-2023 roles:

President – Nicolette Thompson

VP Finance – Todd Doner

VP Membership & Volunteerism – Kelli Wilson

VP Outreach – Susan Czyrny

Trustee – JoAnn Boehm


Feel free to email with any questions you may have.