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Your PMI Buffalo, NY Chapter & Social Good

Social Good

Your PMI Buffalo, NY Chapter & Social Good

In April of this year our chapter’s Outreach team initiated a program to identify ways we could engage our membership in projects to give back to our community. 

Our first step was to invite all members to attend a virtual session to share their past social good experiences, and to brainstorm the types of projects that Buffalo should focus on in the future. Together we identified several areas we would like to focus on, some being short-term and others being long-term projects. In addition, specific feedback was received that we should take some action to help our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our local food bank was singled out as an organization “in need” that we might be able to help first.

We reached out to FeedMore WNY - our local food bank & “Meals on Wheels” organization - to ask how we could best help them. Due to recent news coverage they had plenty of volunteers, however they needed assistance in collecting non-perishable food goods. We discussed how to run a food drive, especially within the context of the current pandemic environment, and determined that running a virtual food drive would allow us to raise food and keep our volunteers & members safe at the same time! So… it would be a win-win!

Please consider donating to FeedMore WNY sometime during the month of August. All you have to do is go to https://yougivegoods.com/pmi-buffalo, select the Shop Now button, select the food items you would like to donate, and finally make your payment. We hope to raise several hundred pounds of food through the generous donations of you - our members and friends. Once this foodraiser is over on August 31st, all of our donations will be shipped to FeedMore WNY and be used to feed our neighbors. Won’t you help us help our neighbors and community? 


We will begin planning our next social good projects soon and will keep you updated on all of the volunteer opportunities that become available. We hope to engage you in a variety of projects that will improve our community.


Thank you for your support!

For more information on our Social Good program, please contact:

Susan Czyrny - vp_outreach@pmibuffalo.org

JoAnn Boehm - trustee@pmibuffalo.org



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