Roles & Responsibilities

Our PMI Buffalo Leadership Team takes pride in the breadth and depth of the services which we offer to our chapter members.  Chapter business is run in a professional manner with full accountability and disclosure to our membership in all business matters.  If you have any questions about the services that we provide or have concerns about any chapter or professional issues please feel free to contact anyone on the Leadership Team.

Here you can see the responsibilities of each of the roles of our Leadership Team


Serves as an advocate for the Buffalo Chapter, steering the board to understand the Project Management needs of our chapter members and finding ways to satisfy those needs. Provides leadership to the board, supporting each board member’s goals and objectives.  Provides for the exposure of board members to the community at large, recognizing their efforts and accomplishments. Contact our President at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The Vice President, Certification Training is responsible for planning and coordinating all certification training activities for the Buffalo Chapter. The content of these trainings is to be consistent and in accordance with the Chapter objectives.

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Responsible for the management of the organization's finances, which includes:

  • deposits and payments;
  • budget development and tracking;
  • procedure development, then adherence;
  • account reconciliation;
  • audit support;
  • reporting to the board, committees, global organization, and local membership;
  • calculation, reporting and payment of taxes;
  • financial analysis and subsequent recommendations to the leadership;

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Marketing and Communication

Marketing - the process by which a business decides what it will sell, to whom, when and how, and then does it.

Communication - the exchange of information between people


The PMI Buffalo Marketing & Communication team will provide support to the chapter and its components in the areas of communication across all channels, including advertising, sponsorship, marketing and brand image. All efforts will be in accordance with PMI GOC and chapter guidelines and will support the overall mission of the chapter and its goals and strategies.

We will accomplish this by the following tenets:

Uphold the PMI Buffalo brand image to the highest degree in all marketing and communication efforts

Uphold marketing and communication standards set forth by PMI and PMI Buffalo

Work in the best interest of PMI Buffalo and all its components and members to support the chapter strategies and individual component needs for marketing and advertising events, services and accomplishments


  • Responsible for marketing and publicizing the PMI Buffalo organization to the community and globally, and for brand management
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Member Communication

  • Responsible for the collection and editing of new content and the dissemination of information to PMI membership base across standard channels and marketing tools
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Social Media

  • Responsible for publicizing content and information about PMI Buffalo through social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Face Book and Twitter. Also responsible for the dissemination of information across supplementary and external channels in support of Member Communications
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  • Responsible for managing PMI Buffalo Sponsorship Program, including chapter sponsors and special event sponsors
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VP Membership

Responsibilities include member advocacy, member services, volunteer management, member and volunteer recruitment. For more information, click here or email

Member Services

Responsible for chapter Membership administration.  Specifically the responsibilities include the management of Chapter & GOC membership databases, historical Membership statistics, the New Member Welcome program, Membership sign-ups & renewals, Job Postings and the support of a variety of other services.. If you would like more information on member services or to request a job posting, click here or email


Responsibilities for this area include the development and administration of a formal member and volunteer recruitment program. For information on either member or volunteer recruitment, click here or email


Responsibilities for this area include the recruitment, recognition, development and management of volunteers. Volunteering with the PMI Buffalo Chapter is not only a way to enrich your membership experience, it also expands your professional network and helps you develop leadership skills.


The mission of PMI Buffalo’s Outreach program is to increase awareness of the Chapter and the profession of project management across various constituencies. We work with a variety of organizations in mutually beneficial ways:

Corporate Outreach

Our goal is to promote the value of project management to local companies through establishing connections with PMO Directors, Program Managers, and Portfolio Managers as well as C-Level Executives. Corporate Outreach develops and executes initiatives in order to demonstrate how PMI Buffalo and project management can help companies meet their strategic goals. For more information, contact  

Community Outreach

We lend our skills and expertise to help nonprofit organizations do more with less. Our Project Management for Nonprofits (PM4NP) program offers an opportunity to 22 representatives of charitable nonprofit organizations to develop their project management skills. We also reach out directly to organizations through speaking engagements and volunteering. If you would like more information, please contact  

Professional Outreach

We work with other professional associations and PMI Chapters/Communities of Practice to create mutually beneficial strategic alliances to bring value and knowledge to our members. If you are an officer in a professional association or another PMI Component and would like more information, please contact  

Educational Outreach

Educational Outreach strives to bring project management knowledge and practice to students at all levels. Programs and initiatives include university guest lectures, mentoring, college clubs and internships that help to develop the next generation of project management professionals. For more information, please contact  

Professional Development

Professional Development

PMI Buffalo’s Professional Development area is responsible for planning and coordinating all educational activities for the Buffalo Chapter. This would include any conferences, workshops, professional development days, conferences relating to project management and professional/career development. The content of these programs is to be consistent and in accordance with the Chapter objectives. Our objective is to deliver quality speakers and events to promote PMI standards and to strengthen our stakeholders' knowledge, awareness and understanding of Project Management principles, tools and techniques. The Vice President, Professional Development works with a team of Directors responsible for the execution of programs in each area. 

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The program areas in Professional Development are: 

Event Management

Responsible for planning, coordinating and executing short term events sponsored held by PMI Buffalo. This includes half day workshops and dinner meetings.  For information on upcoming events, click here to email:

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certification Training

Responsible for planning, promoting, administering, and operating training for PMI certifications.  This can include PMP, CAPM, PgMP and PMI-ACP training classes. Click here to email the Director for more information:

Professional Development Day 

The Professional Development Day is an opportunity for our members to continue their project knowledge, through technical project management or soft skills related offerings. These events are a full day in duration or longer.  Typically, PMI Buffalo sponsors two Professional Development Days each calendar year.  They are truly the premier events in professional project management training in WNY.  The Director leads a committee of approximately 10 people who manage these events. If you would like more information, please email

Self Directed Learning

Project Managers are often a self motivated group.  This area manages and promotes the availability and utilization of learning and skills development opportunities which leverage the individual initiative of members. Members will earn PDUs for using these self-directed opportunities in Category C: Self-Directed Learning. 

Click here to email the Director for more information:  

Technology and Business Services

The VP of Technology & Business Services is responsible for supporting the operational activities of the Chapter.  Specific duties of the position include:

Develops, implements and oversees a Record Management program that:

  • Defines what chapter documents should be retained, their retention period and storage location
  • Ensures Meeting minutes are taken and published within 5 business days of a meeting
  • Maintains written record of all resolutions and decisions by the board for a period not less than three years
  • Directs the preparation of the chapter’s Annual Report for distribution at the annual business meeting and posting in the document repository by coordinating submissions from other board members
  • Directs the preparation of PMI® Awards Applications for submission to PMI Global Operations Center (GOC)
  • Maintains documentation of chapter policies and procedures for the Chapter Operations Manual. Gets approval from the board on all policies and procedures.

    Coordinates and develops the Chapter board/officer roster and sends notifications to PMI GOC to ensure that the Profile/Contacts on PMI GOC’s website are accurate

    Maintain list of all sources for Chapter communication services (i.e. print, advertising, promotion, teleconference, web-site, etc.)

Develops, implements and oversees a Website & Email Administration function that:

  • Supports the improvement of Chapter administrative and other functions required by Chapter leadership
  • Includes website Configuration, Security, Folder & Document Management, Chapter / Leadership / Contact information, Sponsorship, Forum
  • Includes email Configuration and Mailing Lists

Develops, implements and oversees an Operational Audit function that:

  • Performs Quarterly audits of the Chapter to ensure that all policies and procedures are being followed and report findings back to the Board. Provide support and mentoring to the chapter on policies and procedures as required.
  • Verifies compliance with Record Management program
  • Verifies Website security
  • Verifies accuracy and timeliness of Website and Newsletter content

    Verifies professional nature of Website Forum’s content

Develops, implements and oversees a Vendor & 3rd Party Management program that:

  • Manages administration of outsourced activities
  • Manages Chapter leadership procurement for items such as business cards and name tags
  • Supports external auditors
  • Administers the Sponsorship policy and procedure, and adapts it to changing chapter needs
  • Defines guidelines for retention of vendor-related legal documents
  • Supports leadership in dealings with legal counsel

Develops, implements and oversees a Leadership Training & Development and Succession Planning program that:

  • Develops program for training & development of Board members and Directors
  • Champions usage of PMI Learn and the Component Services Toolkit
  • Coordinates development of Succession Plans by Board members

Develops, implements and oversees an Administration function Training & Development program that:

  • Provides guidance and mentoring to the Officers and Committee Volunteers reporting into the Administration function
  • Provides training for the VP, Directors and Committee members
  • Provides for a Succession Plan for the future VP, Technology & Business Services and all Director positions
  • Supports the timely and thorough turnover of Chapter records from incumbents to successors
  • Monitors changes in policies & procedures and the introduction of new chapter requirements by PMI GOC for all functions
  • Provides input to the Board by the end of June for the Chapter’s upcoming year budget and plan

Serves in the role of advisor and historian for the organization, this position is generally extended to individuals with long standing in the chapter who have often held multiple board positions and have been involved in the development and continuation of chapter programs. One can often find past-presidents and founding members in this role.

This position can be looked to as having objective opinions on topics which are weighed against past experiences and long term future results. One generally expects people in this position to help shape ideas and efforts into external actions that keep the chapter within a stable succession along its path to the stated goals and objectives. The availability of experienced individuals to the board which should rotate fresh ideas, provides for the stability of the long view of the past and future with the needed dynamics of new approaches and directions.