Member Profile Update

PMI Buffalo receives your demographic and contact information from the information you provide to PMI Global when you join the organization. If your address, phone number or email address has changed, we may not be able to communicate with you correctly. Meeting announcements, email bulletins, and other notifications are sent from our email system based on the name and email address information provided on the monthly file downloaded from PMI Global.
For BUFFALO PMI Chapter members only, it is important to note that since we update our files every month from PMI Global information, all changes to your demographic and contact profile need to be made at PMI Global.  If you are a member and you update your email address on our site through the button on one of our emails, the change will only be effective until we receive and apply the next PMI Global member file as their information overwrites what we have on file for members.  Make the changes yourself online! Current member's demographic information can now be edited online by accessing the My PMI area of the PMI Global website.