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Breakfast Meeting - No registration necessary. Just show up for a coffee, bagel, and conversation with fellow practitioners.

Recently, a keyboard design change was announced – they will now include/allow for a button that would automatically invoke Co-Pilot, one of the available AI tools that we have discussed in our meetings.
As AI becomes more prevalent in our daily lives – inescapable – it is worth continuing to discuss the various impacts and how to be ahead of it. For this iteration of our breakfast meeting, let’s continue to discuss the possibilities and what is available to us – how do we take the bull by the horns?
We recently discussed how more meetings with AI topics, or more meetings with tool demonstrations/discussion (in general) would be useful. The Generative AI Overview for Project Managers described the efforts that PMI global is already making – what more can they do? Have you taken the overview, and what are your thoughts on the information provided and the direction we need to go? Have you investigated/contributed to the PMI AI community, and/or begun using any of its tools?
Conceivably, once in use, AI would assist the project manager with various situations, and be able to assess a project manager - what are some of the challenges with creating an AI to have the skills necessary to fairly assess situations that the project manager encounters? 

As we have discussed, challenges also present opportunities – we have talked about some of these; what are the best ones you’ve seen presented? Do you see other opportunities that we should be  leveraging?
This interactive event is an opportunity to gather area Project Managers to discuss issues that affect our work and careers.  Participants are encouraged to share their challenging experiences and benefit from the combined knowledge of attendees. Also, this meeting is a great way to network, get answers to your questions about your projects and get greater benefit from your PMI membership. Please bring your challenges, suggestions, valuable articles, or resources on this topic. 
In addition, bring ideas for topics that you would like discussed at a future Breakfast Roundtable!!
See for additional events.  

Questions?  Please contact the meeting facilitator: Melissa Wallace, 716-866-2842 or


It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: Breakfast Roundtable

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Date: February 8th, 2024

Hour: 7:15AM to 8:45AM

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